Wall Piece 'Untitled 1' by Vicky Shaw


Screen-printed and mono printed design on black basalt clay.

Dimensions: (W) 22 x (H) 26 cm

Mount Block: (D) 1 cm

Printing is carried out on leather hard sheets of clay using colour. Further screen-printing takes place after firing to build up layers of colour and glaze; each wall piece undergoes multiple firings to achieve the depth of surface required.

"Surface qualities, mark-making and colour are an important aspect of my work and the composition and the organization of these is what I find exciting. I use ceramic print techniques, this offers the opportunity to work in both a precise way and if desired a less controlled way, allowing for the unexpected to arise, each have their own challenges. I like to explore colour, pattern, and spatial composition as they interact with form and the ceramic materials that are applied to the surfaces but at the same time holding on to a playful intuitive approach." - Vicky Shaw