Axolotl Cuff Bangle by Catherine Hills


Oxidised silver bangle decorated with Catherine's signature bobble texture, which catches and plays with the light beautifully.

Internal Dimensions (at widest points): (W) 57 x (H) 40 x (D) 15 mm

"I’m endlessly inspired by nature. I’m always stopping on dog walks to pick up unusual seed pods and leaves and I’m especially drawn to unusual shapes and textures. I love to experiment with textures to add character to my work and I use positive and negative shapes to play with the light.

I grew up in a house brimming with antiques, decorative arts and ceramics, as both my parents were keen collectors. So I was fascinated by antiques from an early age - intrigued by each piece’s history, I would imagine and embellish their stories. I now love to go treasure-hunting for curiosities and antiques and spend many happy hours trawling flea markets, fairs and car-boot sales. Before I visit somewhere new I always do my homework to find the best antique shops and fairs to visit. I also enjoy visiting historic houses, soaking up the atmosphere and discovering their history. It’s often the details that catch my eye - crumbling painted walls, ancient tools and architectural detailing." - Catherine Hills

Staff Selection: Kate Moult, Assistant Director

Kate says: “I love this cuff, the signature bobble texture that Catherine uses, and the way it fits the wrist like a glove. The inspiration behind the piece is intriguing and so unusual. It’s named after an incredible creature, the axolotl, or the Mexican walking fish. This salamander’s tapered shape, speckled texture and inquisitive eyes are perfectly matched by the piece."

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