Multiverse Brooch / Pendant by DeeLyn Walsh


This can be worn as either a brooch or converted to a pendant with the use of a chain (the chain is sold separately to the brooch price). Please select your preferred option from the dropdown menu. The brooch has a silver catch to attach the chain to the back which makes it deal to wear in different ways. The section of 24ct Keumboo gold creates a beautiful contrast next to the silver. 

Dimensions: (W) 3.5 x (L) 5 (D) 0.5cm

Inspired by the urban surroundings of day-to-day city life, DeeLyn’s work is architectural and geometric at its core. She creates bold and tactile wearable structures, which can also stand alone as miniature sculptures and are often interactive or convertible, inviting the wearer to manipulate the piece to best suit them.