Kurinuki Mugs by Nicola Gillis


Stoneware clay which is carved into a mug shape using the Kurinuki technique, with the shape refined over several days.

Sealed with a white, matte dolomite glaze and decorated with an Ash wood glaze and black oxide abstract marks across the sides, base, handle and interior.

Available in three patterns: 'crosses' (left), 'swirls' (centre) and 'pluses' (right).

Approx. dimensions: (Dia) 8 x (H) 7 cm

"To make my work I use warm, stoneware clay. As I delight in the preparation and sharing of food with friends and family, I consider first what I would like to use in my home. Then, what process I will use: slab, coil, carve or wheel thrown, choosing what clay character to manifest in each different piece. I develop the surface with oxide brush marks and wax resist.

I draw inspiration from traditional terracotta slipware with its bold and colourful marks and Japanese tableware, where there is a specific purpose for each vessel and pleasure is drawn from individuality." - Nicola Gillis

Photographed on a Matthew Paré wooden shelf. With prints by Louisa Boyd and textiles by Neil Bottle.