Crack In The Wall Brooch by Helen Shere


This beautiful brooch is made of silver and oxidised silver. It includes a section of gold leaf to highlight the "crack in the wall".

Helen's latest collection of jewellery is inspired by the urban textures and leafy details of her native city, Nottingham. Her work will be on display 'In the Window' at Bluecoat Display Centre throughout February.

Dimensions: 4cm (L) x 4cm (H) x 0.5cm (D)

Helen says "Nottingham has that wonderful combination of old buildings with rich history, and tree lined streets bringing much needed greenery into the city suburbs. I love the combination of these two elements providing texture and interest as I wander and explore the city. The repetition of the bricks and the little plants often finding a home in the cracks have provided inspiration for my jewellery."

Helen uses metal stamps to ‘draw’ on the surface of the silver, creating illustrative pieces of jewellery full of detail and pattern for you to enjoy.  A mixture of casting and fabricating is used to create the jewellery.