Làn by Iseabal Hendry


Làn is one of a series of unique sculptural works for the home. Originally intended to act as baskets, Iseabal became interested in the sculptural element of each form and has created a collection that blurs the lines between functional and sculptural use.

Làn is the most ambitious, labour-intensive work piece in the collection and uses vintage plant-based fibres, carefully repaired strand by strand. She is made up of two shades of blue, both dyed with the same vegetable-tanned process, yet finished differently. One shade has been oiled to create a lightly glossed, bold and bright blue, while the other is left soft, supple, matte and lighter in shade. This pairing is offset with the off-white, linen tone of the stitching.

Dimensions: (W) 47.5 x (H) 55 x (D) 34.6 cm

Using skills learned from her time studying traditional clinker boatbuilding, Iseabal steam-bends locally-sourced Scottish Oak wood into open forms before combining with her signature woven leatherwork, in a combination that celebrates her heritage and culture in the West Coast Highlands.

Each piece in the collection is titled after its unique shape and named in Scottish Gaelic.

Photography by Calum Douglas & Richard Gaston.