Inspired by Frida Doll (Green) by Iris De La Torre


This handpainted papier-mâché doll is inspired by the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

She has lovely big brown eyes, black hair with a floral headress, a green floral outfit and glittering star earrings. Her brow is painted with a black bird motif and the front of her outfit is inscribed with "Pinto flores para que así no mueran" - "I paint flowers so they don't die".

She is a Mexican 'muñeca de cartón', a traditional and beloved papier-mâché Mexican Folk toy.

Muñecas de cartón are made with a technique called 'cartonería' in Mexico. Artisans use layers of paper, which are bonded and molded together with a homemade glue called 'engrudo'. The surface of this technique becomes very hard when it dries, and as a result, it is incredibly durable. Then, they are painted and decorated with acrylic paints, sequins and glitter.

This technique has been used to make a variety of crafts for many years. Although there is no certainty of the origins of this toy, it is believed that the papier-mâché doll was born in the late colonial to early Mexican Independence period, created by poorer families to imitate more expensive porcelain dolls from Spain.

Dimensions: (W) 18 x (H) 54 cm x (D) 11 cm