Jane Crisp

Jane Crisp

I work from home in my studio and new workshop surrounded by beautiful countryside in Hale Fen, Cambridgeshire.

I love the qualities of natural materials like wool, wood, copper and brass and I experiment with the mythologies of making, amplifying traditional techniques in a contemporary way.

Ash is a maker’s great gift from nature. It is strong, shock resistant and bendy. These properties make it one of the most widely used timbers throughout evolutionary crafts.

My unique skills derive from the characteristics of the native species. I utilise the qualities to create a sculptural flow within my furniture and products. I’ve grown my range by experimenting with walnut, cherry, elm and yew, juxtaposing wool, leather and patinated copper and brass.

Copper nails and roves, steam-bending and my clinker-like constructions are all inspired by traditional boat-builder’s techniques.

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