Large Asymmetrical Earstuds by John & Dawn Field


Asymmetrical sterling silver ear studs with brass decoration and gemstone (pictured here with an amethyst stone).

Available in Pink Corundum (second image), Blue Opal Triplet (third image) and Red Opal Triplet (fourth image).

Please note: Opal triplets are man-made stones.

Dimensions: 15 x 15 mm

These asymmetrical ear studs have been finished with a clear, protective, anti-tarnish coating.

The asymmetrical range of silver jewellery has developed over a number of years. It is handmade by John and Dawn in their Yorkshire workshop from start to finish. They start with plain silver and brass sheets and wire and use traditional jewellery making techniques such as silver soldering, stone setting, polishing and roller printing to make a complete range of items. These include earrings, ear studs, pendants, brooches and cufflinks. All the embossed patterns are made using stamps designed by John and Dawn, and are therefore unique.

If you are interested in a pair of earstuds with an alternative gemstone, please Contact Us.