Victorian Paper Bird by Elizabeth Willow


Delicate and unique bird sculptures made from recycled paper and wire.

No.1 (left): (W) 4.5 x (L) 15.5 x (H) 10 cm

No.2 (right): (W) 13 x (L) 16.5 x (H) 9 cm

Elizabeth Willow makes intricate things from gathered materials, including words, ink, thread, dust, and found objects both natural and unnatural. Most often she works with paper, using bookbinding, printmaking and collage to create artist’s books and ephemera, sculptures and installations. She is inspired by the nature of objects and materials, by their physical and functional qualities and by the marks and alterations of time, elements and usage, when things might become fragile or fragmented, or lose their original purpose and become something else.