Aqueous by James Oughtibridge


Inspiration for Oughtibridge’s sculptures comes from many elements, but the biggest inspiration is the stunning Yorkshire Pennine landscape, which is characterised by river valleys, hills, fells, mountains, high upland plateaus and edges. When mist and fog descend (very often!), it transforms the undulations of the land into a monochrome palette, where texture is prominent. These natural elements of curves, textures and form are conveyed with each unique sculpture Oughtibridge creates.

Approx. diameter: 45 cm

Staff Selection: Samantha Rhodes, Gallery Director

Sam says: "I love the powerful forms that James sculpts using multiple curved sections of clay that are bonded together in stages. Unsurprisingly the forms are inspired by his environment - the Yorkshire Pennine landscape. Even the small-scale pieces which he describes as ‘maquettes’ or hand-held sketches convey the same strength and intent. A landscape to gaze upon and escape into."

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