Circle of Dreams Pendant by Maureen Lynch


This pendant is made in Sterling Silver and is inspired by the delicacy of our dreams. It is a reminder to tread gently and symbolises strength, integrity and self-compassion. This is the medium sized version of this design. The chain is adjustable so can be worn at full length or shortened if required by attaching the catch to a second ring.

Full Length: 18 inch (adjustable chain)

Pendant section: 4cm (L) x 3.2cm (W)

Maureen has earned her reputation over the last decade for producing jewellery that carries the distinctive hallmark of her talent for timeless design. Her pieces are modern classics. Throughout the collections Maureen marries elegant simplicity with high quality. The pieces take their cue from the body itself.

“Like a clothes designer, I always bear in mind the contours of the body when designing, so that the wearer feels comfortable and at ease in the finished product. I want the wearer to enjoy wearing the jewellery, as I enjoyed making it.” - Maureen Lynch