Claret Red Shrug by Nawal Gebreel


Nawal’s work is heavily influenced by tactile textures, the rhythms of nature, Japanese paper-folding and shibori techniques; whilst also drawing from her worldwide expeditions through Europe, Russia, China, Japan and the Americas.

Each item is handmade in the finest man-made and natural fabrics, stitched and fused with a variety of fabrics to retain each pleat even after wear or wash. The fabrics have been chosen based on their ability to retain Nawal’s distinctive pleats, and most are made from man-made Georgettes and Chiffons woven in Japan.

Nawal’s ability to work fabrics into art into fashion makes each scarf personal and unique: an item to treasure for years to come.

Length (back): 48 cm

Length (front): 42 cm

Please note: dimensions are approximate - the unique pleat structures in Nawal’s designs allow for some stretch.

100% polyester.