Crescent Colourfade Pendant by Jenny Llewellyn


This simple curve pendant is made from individual hand cast silicone cups forming a subtle colour fade from yellow to orange, set on a contrasting oxidised silver base.

Crescent dimensions: (W) 7 x (H) 2.5 cm

Chain length (including crescent section): 21 inches

All jewellery is made by Jenny in her London studio. The silicone is very durable and flexible but should be handled gently. Take care not to pull silicone parts away from the silver and do not spray any cosmetic products directly on to the jewellery.

Care Instructions - Silicone: Wet your hands and gently rub the silicone between your fingers - a little washing up liquid can also be used. Dry with a hair dryer. Once completely dry, dab a little un-perfumed talcum powder on the silicone and rub off the excess. This cleaning process can be repeated as often as required.

Care Instructions - Silver: If your piece has a matt finish, rub silver parts with a green scourer to remove surface stains/marks, or brush a little toothpaste or pumice powder over the silver with an old soft toothbrush and rinse. If your piece has a shiny finish, a silver cloth can be used. Any piece that has an oxidised silver finish does not really need to be cleaned.

Please do not use any other silver cleaning chemicals as they can damage the silicone.