Cylindrical Dandelion Clock Table Lamp by Hannah Nunn


A glowing lamp to add a feeling of light and warmth to your home. I have always loved dandelion seed heads and looking up close at their delicate structure is what inspired his design. It's the way the seeds stand up as if on tiptoes ready to blown away by the wind! The light shines through all the tiny seeds, showing their intricacy and beauty and reminding us of watching the seeds dance-off in the wind while we make a wish.

This cylindrical lamp comes in two sizes:

Small: 30cm high, 13cm diameter.

Tall: 42cm high, 13cm diameter.

P+P included


The lamp is made from cream coloured laser cut parchment effect paper 225 gsm and laminated with a thick matt lamination pouch for strength and durability.

The lamps come fully assembled, ready to be plugged in, switched on and enjoyed. They can’t be sent flat packed as Hannah uses have special tools to put them together.

If you are ordering from the UK or Europe your lamp will come with a 2 watt LED candle-shaped bulb which gives the lamp a lovely glow. It is 250 lumens and has an energy rating of A+.

Cable and plug

The lamps come with a white 2 metre cable with an inline switch and a mains plug.

All the lamps are CE marked and fully safety tested.