Kanzashi Brooch by Emma Farnworth


This 8-petalled kanzashi inspired flower brooch is made from recycled kimono fabric, sewn and glued, with a silver tone brooch back.

Available in three colourways:

  • Gold (Left)
  • Blue (Centre)
  • Green (Right) - Sold

Diameter: 4 cm

Depth: approx. 2.5 cm

"An enduring interest in Japan, particularly Japanese textiles, has informed several of my jewellery projects. An avid collector of Kimono, often age and flaws would mean the vintage garments I found were not in a condition to be worn but I wanted to find ways to recycle those exquisite fabrics into something that can be worn again. My kikyo (bellflower) and ume (plum) blossom shape brooches are inspired by traditional ‘Tsumami Kanzashi’- the beautiful folded silk hairpieces usually worn with formal kimono and by Geisha." - Emma Farnworth