Large Vessel with Blue Leather by Sarah Kirk


A large ceramic vessel, wrapped in blue leather strips. The vessel rests on a curved base, adding an element of movement and allowing the angle and viewpoint to be adjusted.

Diameter (approx.): 20 cm

Height (approx.): 30 cm

"Since a visit to Blundellsands Beach in the second year at Hope University, my work has been influenced by the series of curious objects I found there, responding to their textural qualities and ambiguous nature. Although at first I didn't think they were very inspiring, the more I looked, held, and sketched, the more interesting the objects became. In the workshop areas I have made sculptural objects and artworks in clay, metal and textile which show my fascination with layering, wrapping, and creating objects which encourage interaction. Colour has become increasingly important, responding to the tiles, glass, brick, and rust from the found objects."  - Sarah Kirk