Magical Hug Ear Studs by Anthony Wong


Standout statement earrings featuring sterling silver discs with feathery white and shiny blue polypropylene plumes, finished with 9ct gold details.

Approximate dimensions: (Dia) 22 x (Depth) 48 mm

Part of Anthony's collection for the Unity display in celebration of The Eurovision Song Contest.

"A Hug - I started thinking about expressions of Unity, I concluded that a hug is universal; showing love during times of trauma or joy; strengthening connections between humans or animals, this action ignites a deeper physical bond.

A magical binding promoting physical and psychological reactions... a Hug is not as simple as swathing someone in your arms and giving them a squeeze, it seems, a Hug contains a generous sprinkling of magic and science, filling in a void if needed or euphorically celebrating that win." - Anthony Wong