Metro Stud Earrings by DeeLyn Walsh


The Metropolis earrings are popping little studs. The round tubular cityscape-like structures stand out from the ear. The earrings can be worn as pairs or stacked up the earlobe if your piercings suit this.

Made from Sterling Silver with a frosted matt finish.

Important note: each set of earrings are not identical in pattern but all rather ever so slightly mismatched. The same number of parts, but distinctively assembled to make a slightly different earring each time. The pair you receive may not exactly match those shown.

Handmade in England using traditional techniques.

Dimensions: (W) 0.5 x (D) 1 cm

Inspired by the urban surroundings of day-to-day city life, DeeLyn’s work is architectural and geometric at its core. She creates bold and tactile wearable structures, which can also stand alone as miniature sculptures and are often interactive or convertible, inviting the wearer to manipulate the piece to best suit them.