Midi Blurple by Studio Hancock


A handcrafted vessel using traditional woodturning and metal spinning techniques, and hand painted using a paint process developed in the studio.

The texture on the inside of the vessel is the pattern of the wood grain, embedded within the aluminium during the spinning process. This pattern informs the paint finish, making each spun vessel one of a kind.

Dimensions: (Dia) 10.3 x (H) 17 cm

‘Spun Vessels’ is the result of fusing design craft and industrial manufacturing. Connecting a lifelong passion for motorcycle culture and traditional woodworking, with the aesthetic of studio ceramics and aviation engineering.

Production of the vessels begins with turning a wooden former by hand. Tom then works with an engineering firm that specialises in metal spinning for the aerospace industry to form aluminium into the individual vessel components.

The forces required to move the material embeds the grain texture of the former into the aluminium.