Mismatched Labyrinth Earrings by DeeLyn Walsh


Deelyn's Labyrinth designs are mini geometric sculptures that are woven through the piercing to magically become earrings. This mismatched pair of earrings combines a maxi and a mini design to create a statement look.

Made from Sterling Silver wire with a Brass ball. The earrings can be threaded from the front or back of the piercing for slightly different look.

Maxi Earring: (W) 2 x (L) 8 cm, with a 1 cm ball

Mini Earring: (W) 3 x (L) 2.5 cm, with a 1 cm ball

Inspired by the urban surroundings of day-to-day city life, DeeLyn’s work is architectural and geometric at its core. She creates bold and tactile wearable structures, which can also stand alone as miniature sculptures and are often interactive or convertible, inviting the wearer to manipulate the piece to best suit them.

Model Image by Michael Cusick.