Morning Prayer by Sharon Griffin


Figurative stoneware sculpture. Flat slab built and decorated with porcelain slip, oxides and glaze stains.

Approx. dimensions: (W) 25 x (D) 14 x (H) 28 cm

"Using stoneware, slips and glazes to ‘draw’ into the surfaces, I like to approach the clay as a fine artist. Hand-building slabs of clay; merging traditional making techniques with contemporary ceramics to make highly emotive and expressive figurative sculpture.

I use clay to communicate a semi-autobiographical narrative; one which explores emotion, imagination and story-telling." - Sharon Griffin

Staff Selection: Samantha Rhodes, Gallery Director

Sam says: "Sharon’s work unnerves me slightly - which isn’t a negative - through her work she explores our vulnerabilities, human fragility, as well as love and loss. The figures touch something or connect with me, or as Sharon expresses it, create ‘a conversation with clay’."

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