Plate with Birds by Irena Sibrijns


An oval white earthenware plate featuring two birds, decorated in coloured slips and a variety of decorating techniques such as sgraffito, slip trailing, wax and latex resist. The artist has signed the plate on the back in her own unique style which adds to the decorative nature of the piece.

Dimensions: 41cm (L) x 34cm (W) x 3.5cm (H)

"My work has developed into a mixture of utilitarian ware and decorative pieces. Most work starts out on the wheel, with some more decorative pieces being hand-built. Designs grow around specific themes, but each piece is unique and individually decorated. The style of the work springs from the English 20th Century decorative arts tradition. Many of the themes used in my work are derived from living on the Suffolk coast, treated with varying levels of abstraction.

Everything created, either functional or decorative, has equal importance, and the integrity of this thought is the driving force behind my daily practice as a potter." - Irena Sibrijns