Pride Necklace by Emma Ware


The Pride necklace mixes intricate detail with soft organic form to create a captivating neck piece. Sits beautifully against the shape of the chest and responds to the body's warmth and movement.

It is made from recycled bicycle inner tube and oxidised silver chain. The rubber is finished in a blue colour which contrasts the black of the cut edge. The rubber section is approx 25 cm long and neck chain adjustable to wear high on the neck or low and long.

Dimensions-46cm L (top of chain to bottom of necklace) x 10 W (at widest point)

Emma Ware’s unique approach to jewellery design is born of a desire to celebrate the human spirit. Inspired by how a piece feels to wear and the curves and angles of the human body, this is adornment that appeals to the senses. Not limited to an idea of what jewellery ‘should’ be, the body becomes a playground for textures, geometry, patterns, all existing in conversation with the curve of a neck, shoulder or wrist; emphasizing, highlighting, tracing.