Rabbit Mantel Puzzle by Karsten Eriksen


Less rare but equally loved, the cotton- tailed grey rabbit has made its home on and around the sandy paths leading to Formby beach. A daily delight for dog walkers.

Made in 27mm untreated oak.

H193mm x W190mm x 27mm

P+P included


The Mantel Puzzle
The Mantel Puzzle is part of Karsten’s first collection, the 'Formby Living' collection, and is inspired by the wonderful National Trust area in which he lives with his family. 

The Mantel Puzzle is designed and hand-finished in Formby using natural, untreated oak. The natural features of this wood include colour differences, cracks and knots - giving each individual piece a unique personality. More importantly, this allows for the freedom to use high-quality wood, without being too wasteful.

‘In Denmark, we have a long-standing tradition of wooden figurines in heirloom-quality and so it came naturally to me to create a series inspired by the local (some endangered) wildlife of the Formby coastline where I live and walk my dog.

Each wooden piece of my puzzles plays a unique role in drawing the delicate features of the animal - at the same time, interlocking playfully with the other pieces to create the completed Mantel Puzzle.