Ripple Earrings by Miranda Sharpe


A one-off pair of sterling sliver stud earrings decorated with blue and yellow vitreous enamels.

Diameter: 17 mm

‘Shades of Blue’ Collection

"My jewellery is inspired by microscopic images, drawing on the vibrant colours and forms within them. I am intrigued by the revelation of detail when viewing something so closely. My love of colour is translated with vibrant vitreous enamels, experimenting with surface texture and pattern to make bold and elegant jewellery pieces. I work predominantly with silver and enamels, incorporating gemstones, gold or other materials on occasion. I see my jewellery pieces as a continuing exploration of colour and form; I make pieces that are designed to be loved and worn yet take a step from the conventional.

For this collection I am focusing on exploring the beautiful range of blue tones of enamel to create a unique presentation for ‘Bluecoat in the Window’, complementing and contrasting details of both opaque and transparent colour within a mix of one of a kind and repeatable jewellery items." - Miranda Sharpe