Silver and Kuem-boo gold Pendant by Alan Phillips


A beautiful pendant made in oxidised silver and Kuem-boo gold with a silver chain. (Keum-boo is a Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to create silver-gilt.) Abstract shapes have been stamped into the pendant.

Dimensions: 7mm W x 15mm H x 1mm D

Chain length: 20 inches

After an intensive art foundation course at Manchester, I trained as a silversmith and jeweller to Masters level at Sheffield. My practical skills are mainly within 3D Design - particularly fine metalwork, which fascinates me. I have always drawn and keep sketchbooks, which are worked alongside any 3D work, models, experiments etc.

I mainly make jewellery and tend to use precious materials predominantly, but have also incorporated wood, plastics, glass etc. or base metals such as titanium or niobium where a contrasting component may be required or colour interest added.