Tiny Ash Trug by Jane Crisp


The smallest vessel from Jane’s range. Made from ash, this trug can be used for eggs, fruit or just as a sculptural piece.

Handcrafted using traditional steam bending methods and inspired by boat building techniques local to Crisp’s workshop and home in rural east England, the trug features an overlapping construction akin to the clinker hulls of Fenland boats. Its strong yet light structure incorporates copper nail and rove fixings as a further nod to boat building traditions, and whether nesting one inside another like matryoshka dolls or displayed as a solitary sculptural piece, the trug will sway and rock, boat-like, as it catches the wind. Fashioned from carefully sourced wood varieties that change with each new season, the trug is finished in a natural wax oil.

Dimensions: (W) 27 x (L) 34 x (H) 25 cm