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Emma Rodgers - New Work - In the Window

Emma Rodgers - New Work - In the Window

We are delighted to reopen with new ceramic work by Emma Rodgers In the Window and the gallery which Emma has been making during the lockdown. 

This figurative series tells some of the story of Helen of Troy in Greek mythology was said to have been the most beautiful mortal woman in the world and is credited with causing the Trojan War. 

The series so far sees her sailing through the waves in her paper porcelain boat and striding onto the shore from a boar laden sea. Each piece depicted with coral, shells and waves, the face that launched a thousand ships in the words of Christopher Marlowe. Emma used her eldest daughter as the model for Helen. 

Please contact us for further information, availability of pieces and prices.

Emma Rodgers studied for both her B.A. Hons and M.A. at Wolverhampton University.


Since graduating she has exhibited worldwide, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Stricoff Fine Art N.Y., Lineart –Ghent , Cork Street, Royal Academy of Art, Collect at The Saatchi, S.O.F.A. Chicago and New York, Wei Ling Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Art Paris at the Grande Palais Paris and most recently the Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Beirut, Curated by Luc Jacquet writer and director of March Of the Penguins. 

She has also been featured in a documentary dedicated to her work on the Sky Arts Channel and is currently working with Marvel films. Rodgers was involved with The Craft Councils Firing Up Project, working with a range of schools in the North West. National Museums and Galleries have purchased 

Rodgers work as part of their collection. She has received acclaim for her energy and dynamic approach to her work.