We are always keen to hear feedback about your purchases and experience buying from the Bluecoat Display Centre, both online and in person. If you would like to send us your comments, please email the team at crafts@bluecoatdisplaycentre.com

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“Wow [the cushion] arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much, it was so special with all the lovely wrapping and information included about Neil Bottle. I love it!!”

Remote Customer, Carmarthenshire (March 2024)

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“The Mikael Nilsson Crow has just arrived and I’m delighted with it. I doubt if I could have chosen one I was happier with if I’d come across to Liverpool in person. Many thanks for all you did to get it to me. It’s now sitting happily in my hearth and looking very settled.”

Remote Customer, South Yorkshire (October 2023)

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We’ve been a customer of Bluecoat Display Centre for 30 years. We still are even though we now live 180 miles away. Amazing quality pieces and special service. Thank you. 

Online Customer, Hertfordshire (August 2023)

Image - Belle by Sharon Griffin

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Everything worked out well. The Spot has already its spot at our place..

The delivery was just in time and my Korean friend was very suprised to see a piece of the work of Jin Eui Kim. She met the artist in StIves this summer but missed the Vernissage due to unlucky circumstances. I am glad that I found your place. Your service was excellent.

Online Customer, Germany (July 2023)

Purchased OPot Vessel by Jin Eui Kim

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“[I] just wanted to thank you and your colleague in the shop again for your help with this – Anthony [Wong] produced a wonderful pair of cufflinks for us that we were really happy with (and all within the very tight timeframe!).”

Jewellery Commission, Liverpool (July 2023)

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Just to say the bowls arrived in perfect condition on Saturday. Thank you so much for your great service with these. I shall certainly be looking at the Bluecoat again when I want a special gift. I lived in Liverpool a long time ago and will look to call in when I next visit the city.

Online Customer, Oxfordshire (June 2023)

Purchased 'Live, Laugh, Love' bowls by Deborah Hopson-Wolpe

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I [love] my trug. It’s so beautiful. I’ve gotten many compliments and inquiries about where I got it.

Online Customer, USA (February 2023)

Image - Tiny Trug by Jane Crisp

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The head has arrived safe and well and we absolutely LOVE it!

Thank you so much for the brilliant packaging and amazing service - it’s been the absolute highlight of my week for sure and has brought so much joy already!

Instagram Customer, Scotland (February 2023)

Purchased Christy Keeney ceramic head sculpture.

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Thank you very much. A little friendly bird arrived. Beautiful. Choosing online was easy. 

Online Customer, Wales (June 2022)

Image - Long-tailed Tit by Susan O'Byrne, on display at the collector's home.

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Just taken delivery of the Christy Keeney Horse Head. I’m really pleased with it, great. This is my second Keeney piece that I’ve purchased from you. As a potter myself I’m so impressed by his work... I have purchased other pieces from you - three John Maltby ceramics (sadly passed away). In fact l know every time I visit there is always something that tempts me to buy! It’s a good job we only visit Liverpool once a year!

Local Collector, Lancashire (June 2021)

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Dragon safely unpacked with claws intact! Thank you so much for the nice easy purchase and very kind personal delivery, I love him and am very happy!

This is my second purchase from the Bluecoat Display Centre, I really enjoy the range of pieces you offer especially the opportunity to support local artists, and that you make it feel friendly and comfortable to be starting out as a collector, discovering my own tastes and making some of my first ceramics purchases.

Local Collector, Wirral (June 2021)

Image - 'Dragon' by Jacob Chan, on display at the collector's home.

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The Bluecoat Display Centre is my hove-to in Liverpool. So much about it appeals, the beautiful setting, peaceful ambiance and its stunning collections. Add to this a great team of people to advise and inspire and the result is something rare and very special indeed.

With the onset of the pandemic, and all its restrictions, the beautiful BDC website has been invaluable, and especially as the familiar ambiance, inspiration and care shines through. To browse and then choose gifts and have even the most fragile securely wrapped, with messages, and posted - has been a boon bringing delight all round. To later delve further and catch up with events and videos makes for some very interesting and unexpected discoveries not to mention future planning. 

A special a place indeed with abounding experiences. To be continued …

Regular Online Customer, Cheshire (June 2021)

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Located within the very heart of Liverpool One, the Bluecoat Display Centre has become one of the gems of the Liverpool experience, equal to any of the cultural attractions that the city can boast.

For the past thirty years we have had the good fortune to live within visiting distance of the Bluecoat and so it was in this gallery that we began, and continue to have, an interest in contemporary decorative artworks and jewellery. Consequently (inevitably!) we have, over the years, bought a good number of the pieces that we have admired and whilst we are not experts in fine art matters (we simply like what we like) and do not buy to create an homogenous collection, with the help and assistance of the Bluecoat team we have, we happily believe, a varied, interesting and rather impressive selection of objects d’art and jewellery.

Notwithstanding our long term connection to the Bluecoat Gallery and our growing appreciation of the exhibits (that constantly vary in the presentation of new and more established artists) we very much enjoy meeting the Bluecoat team; a most delightful crew that invariably takes as much an interest in us and our enquiries as we do of the exhibits...and so we are able to consider each piece with the support of their professional knowledge and advice.

Quite simply; the Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool is the equal in size and scope of any similar fine art gallery, probably anywhere in the world...an experience not to be missed!

Local Collectors, Merseyside (June 2021)

Image - 'The Hunt' by Emma Rodgers, on display at the collectors' home.