The Bluecoat Display Centre (Bdc) is Liverpool’s independent contemporary craft gallery. We were established in1959 and are based in the welcoming and inspiring setting at The Bluecoat in the city centre.

Our team of knowledgeable staff are led by Director Samantha Rhodes, with Assistant Directors Frances Gill-Smith and Kate Moult, and Gallery Assistant Claire Smith. We deliver a high quality programme of curated selling displays and monthly solo spotlight In the Window shows, plus a permanent retail platform and online shop for leading contemporary makers to present and sell their work. Our displays in the gallery are supported by a series of artist-led workshops and talks to share the skills and stories of the makers behind the work.

Our selection criteria calls for a distinctive artistic voice, exceptional skill and an innovative approach to practice.  We’ve supported the success of both emerging and established leading British makers for over six decades. 

The Bdc has long been recognised and acknowledged nationally by makers, collectors and the wider craft community for the range and standard of work shown.

We feature makers work across all craft disciplines, highlighting the work of the finest professional crafts people in our region as well as from across the UK.

The Bdc became a registered charity in 2010 with the aim of engaging with diverse members of the local community who may feel excluded or alienated, and those who would benefit from the therapeutic qualities that art and craft sessions can give. Since 2010 the outreach programme has delivered a series of high quality craft workshops and residencies facilitated by the North West's leading craft practitioners.


Please keep in mind when ordering online that supply from makers is still affected by lockdown, Royal Mail's postal service can be slower than normal and our staff is very limited currently but we are aiming to get available stock delivered within 7 days.

In the meantime if there is anything you are interested in that does not currently feature online please do get in touch by email at crafts@bluecoatdisplaycentre.com and we can help source pieces by request.


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