Ring Sizing Guide

When ordering or purchasing a ring we can measure and advise you on the best size in the gallery, but it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they have chosen the correct size. If the size is wrong on collection the customer may incur a small charge to cover the costs of rectifying any mistake and any additional postage costs relating to the sizing adjustment.

If you are making an online purchase and are unable to come into the gallery, it is advisable to go to your local jewellers and get your finger measured.

Modified or resized ready to wear rings cannot be returned, so if you are planning a surprise proposal and are unsure of your partner's size, we advise you to purchase as is, and then return it for a resize later.


Choosing a Ring

When choosing a new ring you need to consider the width and depth gauges of the shank - that is, the part that wraps around the finger. Some people are either used to wearing lots of lovely rings or very heavy gauge rings, but not everyone will find a particularly heavy gauge shank comfortable.

The gauge, width and profile of the ring:

The gauge describes the depth of the metal rising off the finger;

The width of the ring is the distance between one edge and the other running up and down the finger;

The profile is the shape in cross section. The most common is D-shape, the most popular wedding band profile.

Visit a jeweller to ask them to take your size, most jewellers will be happy to help.

Sizings should be taken as a Leading Edge size - your jeweller will advise.

There two types of ring size gauges, narrow and wide wedding band type. When you have your size measured, be aware that if you are considering a wide ring, you should have a wide gauge measurement taken. If choosing a narrow gauge ring you should have a narrow gauge sizing.

This is because a wide ring ring is usually larger than the narrow size. For example, if you are measured on a narrow ring gauge for a narrow ring as a P, the same finger would size most probably as an Q1/2 for a wide ring.


Comfort & Security

Generally, for security and comfort of wear, a ring should fit snuggly and pass over the knuckle firmly without discomfort.

Do try to take into consideration changes that you are aware of in finger size, brought about by hot or cold temperatures, and any other physiological effects that could affect sizing - we want you to be able to enjoy wearing your ring as often as you can.