Oxalis Wall Piece by Halima Cassell


Limited edition sculptural wall piece inspired by the symmetry of four petal plants and their intricate design. Hand cast in jesmonite with a bespoke colour mix.

Each piece is hand finished and hand polished, with a split batten wall fixing, and comes in a presentation box with a signed edition certificate.

Dimensions: (W) 30.5 x (H) 30.5 x (D) 4.5 cm

Combining strong geometric elements with recurrent patterns and architectural principles, Halima’s work utilises definite lines and dramatic angles in an attempt to manifest the universal language of number and create an unsettling sense of movement.

Halima concentrates on simple forms as the basis of her work in order to maximise the impact of the complex surface patterns in combination with heavily contrasting contours. This approach provides her with the tools to create the compelling drama and playful dynamism that characterises her work.


Images by Pam Seale Photography.