20cm 'Lloyd's Rules' Wall Piece by Rebecca Gouldson


A mixed metal circular wall piece using diagrammatic imagery from shipbuilding manuals dating from the late 19th century.

Diameter: 20 cm

Part of the ‘Lloyd's Rules’ series, which takes its name from ‘Lloyds Register Rules and Regulations’ which is known best for the classification and certification of ships.  The organisation's name came from the 17th-century coffee house in London used by merchants, marine underwriters and others associated with shipping. Edward Lloyd, the coffee house owner, helped them to exchange information by distributing a printed sheet of all the news he heard.

The etched metal plate is mounted on a wooden block for hanging; the front stands approx. 2 cm proud of the wall.

"Using techniques more traditionally associated with printmaking, I make metal wall pieces, which resemble etching plates; tools that have the potential to create multiple prints.  Unlike the tradition of destroying a printing plate to preserve the integrity of a print edition, these plates are transformed into wall pieces, preserved, like tools on display in a museum collection." - Rebecca Gouldson