Stick Head (Right-Facing) by Christy Keeney


A captivating figurative ceramic sculpture by Christy Keeney.

This small sculpture features the head and shoulders of a figure, turning their head away from the viewer. It features Christy's distinctive construction and decoration which overlaps between sculpture and drawing: with details drawn into the wet surface of the clay.

The bust appears to float above it's wooden base on a thin support stick.

Dimensions (including base): (W) 7 x (H) 22 x (D) 7 cm

Signed by the artist.

“I visited a retrospective exhibition of Picasso, at the Tate gallery, in the early 80s when I was at college, and many of my influences came from seeing that work. Especially a collection of small cardboard cut-out and folded, figurative sculptures. These simple two-dimensional pieces opened a world of possibilities on how I would approach my own work.” - Christy Keeney