Butterflies by Emma Rodgers


Ceramic butterflies by sculptor Emma Rodgers, designed to be hung on a wall with a hook attached to the back.

Dimensions vary depending on posture: 

Open wings: (W) 8.5 x (H) 6 cm

Closed wings: (W) 5 x (H) 7 cm

Emma Rodgers is an internationally successful sculptor whose work explores the dynamic relationship between form and movement.

"Confrontation, energy, curiosity, essence of a moment and interaction are the main elements that initially draw me to a new subject and are indicative of the very nature of the animals I have depicted.

When approaching a new body of work I produce a large amount of visual research. Sketching is particularly important as it provides me with a greater understanding of the form. I aim to interpret these drawn qualities into clay and remove the work from pure representation. A jagged line in ink is re-interpreted as a torn clay edge; an arc of soft pencil becomes a soft fold. The energy of the animal and the tautness of the pose are conveyed by a distortion in the medium." - Emma Rodgers