White Hexagonal Honey-Infused Vase (Large) by Mark Fenn


This striking vase is from Mark's 'Honey' range and is infused with honey from his Welsh native black bees.

"The bees live for 6 months during the winter and mainly remain in the beehive totally dependent upon their stores for survival. I leave the honeycomb on the bees over winter until early spring and only take what is left for infusing into the glass." - Mark Fenn

Approx. dimensions: (H) 17 x (W) 9 cm

Please note that these vases are handmade and, where more than one is available, may vary from the piece photographed here.

Mark's latest body of work has been developed during the making of 'Make it at Market', a new 15 episode series hosted by Dom Chinea of 'The Repair Shop' (available now on BBC iPlayer). His mentor on the series is Allister Malcolm who, in exchange for a block of Mark's beeswax, gave him a set of hexagonal moulds to experiment with at Stourbridge Glass Museum.

"Based on honeycomb, my hexagonal vases are individually coloured and the four colours used in the collection represent each the four seasons and the life cycle of the bees. My white classic hexagonal vases compliment the collection. The cappings from the individual cells of the honeycomb form the purest beeswax, which is white in colour." - Mark Fenn