In the Window | Leoma Drew & Vallari Harshwal

In the Window  |  Leoma Drew & Vallari Harshwal

Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair Showcase Award 2023

For our 2023 Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair Showcase Award we are delighted to feature the work of jeweller Leoma Drew alongside ceramicist Vallari Harshwal.

Leoma’s jewellery practice explores memory and nostalgia, leading her to abstract emotional journeys through creating motifs, which became a cryptic symbology to depict personal events within her life. As Leoma’s work progressed and developed the butterfly became a predominant symbol that kept presenting itself, and is now part of her signature style.

Vallari is drawn towards the unexplored aspect of clay and its processes, and leans toward being non-conformist in her visual aesthetics. Handcrafting timeless, simple objects which stand the test of time brings her joy. Vallari’s work is an essence of her Indian heritage, juxtaposed with her life in England.