Limited Edition Miniature Artwork by Michael Brennand-Wood


Michael Brennand-Wood has produced these exclusive limited-edition ‘minis’ in celebration of our 65th anniversary and in support of our ongoing creative work. Each design features an embroidered flower, decorated tapes and acrylic. They can be gifted for Valentine's Day or any celebration, with space on the back to write a personalised message to the lucky recipient, and framed to keep.

Available in 4 x designs.

Each artwork measures 14 cm x 14 cm and comes complete with a red envelope.
Michael has an international reputation as one of the most innovative and inspiring artists working in textiles today. He is particularly interested in embroidery, lace-making and traditions in floral textiles. He uses his knowledge in these ancient crafts and combines them with modern day techniques, such as digital printing and computerised machine embroidery, to create sculptural, wall-hung, textile and multimedia pieces.