Sophie Martin Glinel

Sophie Martin Glinel

Sophie, the designer-maker behind the award-winning jewellery brand Essemgé, creates sophisticated precious jewellery that has been inspired by the harmony of geometric shapes and their powerful symbolisms. Feeling stylish, uplifted and inspired will give you the headspace to concentrate on what truly matters to you.

Sophie offers ready-to-wear jewellery collections, bespoke commission services including remodelling of existing jewellery, and jewellery repair services. She is passionate about responsible making, and an advocate of ‘slow jewellery’ or ‘artisan jewellery’. Each adornment is made to order in her South East London atelier, from sample pieces, using recycled precious metals and sustainably sourced natural gemstones. Essemgé jewellery signature style is based on designs that are timeless, distinctive and quietly assertive so you can enjoy wearing your way.

Jewellery is one of the most mindful gifts. Enjoy that amazing uplifting feeling whenever you wear a creation by Essemgé.

‘Forget Fashion, Embrace Style’.

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