Cylindrical Cup & Saucer by Claudia Lis


This cup and saucer are made in celadon in a light coloured glaze. Ideal for enjoying tea or coffee or displaying on a table.

Dimensions:  Cup - 8 cm (dia) x 6 cm (H)

                     Saucer - 15cm (dia) x 1.3 cm (H)

Iron oxide in a variety of forms and particle sizes is central to Claudia's work. The soft shades of her celadon glazes are derived from additions of finely ground iron oxide to the base glaze. The same material, in the form of rust flakes implanted into the dusty glaze layer, migrates through the molten glaze during firing, thereby creating intricate markings reminiscent of ink stains on blotting paper, scorch marks and microscopic organisms.