Stephen Dixon & Paul Scott

Stephen Dixon & Paul Scott

The Bdc welcome this unique opportunity to curate and host an exhibition dedicated to work by Stephen Dixon and Paul Scott, both well known for their research and work in printed ceramic as well as political and social commentary. Both artists are internationally renowned and have worked in Manchester and in Cumbria for much of their professional careers.

"Perhaps surprisingly, this is the first opportunity I have had to show a large group of pieces alongside Paul Scott’s work, and I expect the exhibition to highlight our shared obsessions with printed ceramics and socio-political narrative."

– Stephen Dixon

"A series of artworks in the exhibition question the narrow (sometimes fictional) histories of original printed wares. They examine issues surrounding globalization, climate chaos, immigration and racism. A number will resonate with Steve Dixon’s Maiolica & Migration tin-glazed forms in a visual conversation examining the perilous state of those seeking a better life, fleeing war and conflict.

Remarkably, given our shared histories and interests, our excavations in closely related historical/material seams, this is the first time that Steve and I have shown our works together. I’m looking forward to the connections and conversations that the artworks generate alongside each other…"

– Paul Scott