Tapestry Scarf by RubyKite


The image for this scarf is taken from Tamara's 'Tapestry' painting onto cast plaster; creating wonderfully abstract textures on a large scale. A patchwork of moss, teal, terracotta, indigo and rose combine to create a real statement piece.

Available in four styles:

Small Square Silk Scarf - 100% silk with hand rolled edges, 60 x 60 cm

Large Square Silk Scarf - 100% silk with a warm terracotta silk chiffon trim, 110 x 110 cm

Long Silk Scarf - 100% silk with hand rolled edges, 190 x 66 cm

Cashmere Wrap - 80% Modal / 20% Cashmere, 200 x 100 cm

RubyKite's wearable art scarves are ethically produced and created using environmentally considerate dyes and natural materials. Dry clean only.

RubyKite’s designer printmaker, Tamara Williams creates contemporary mixed media paintings, intaglio and relief prints on cast plaster; exploring unique textures that translate beautifully on to silk and cashmere scarves. Each colour story is printed in more sustainable small batches on natural fabrics, curated by partner Joy Leese, to create wearable art that enhances the original artwork by creating a distinctive 3D effect with a signature chalky palette.

Taspestry Colour Story

"My long walks with Mabel along the South Downs have inspired this collection of art scarves and accessories. The original is painted on cast plaster and captures the myriad of pattern, shape, colour and texture in the hills and meadows that I’ve visited. 'Tapestry' is a visual amalgamation of memories and feelings from one or many of these far-reaching viewpoints, with a strong graphic narrative that threads its way through most of my work. The textures have been hugely abstracted and the wonderful patchwork of warm and earthy colours that have translated so beautifully on silk and cashmere." - Tamara