Bloom Necklace by Miranda Sharpe


Bloom double pendant necklace combines an enamelled larger pendant with a smaller silver textured pendant. The silver enamelled pendant has an engraved surface covered with a turquoise blue and yellow transparent vitreous enamel layer. The necklace is part satin finish and part polished finish 

Chain length (including catch)- 46.5cm

Pendant- (L) 4.2cm x (DIA) 1.9cm

“My current jewellery collections draw inspiration from microscopic images of disease and bacteria. A somewhat unappealing subject choice came from an interest in our senses and how we respond emotionally to a subject matter and our perceptions of beauty. The discovery that these images can be immensely beautiful and like abstract works of art proved to be very inspiring. Pattern, shapes and form become the starting point for design ideas combined with a love of colour. Colour is an integral part of my work, and exploring vitreous enamel as a material that offers endless possibilities to experiment with both colour, texture and pattern. Subtle or bold layers of enamel colour are the finish to pieces, sometimes incorporating precious stones or beads. Many pieces in the collections are repeatable items but small details in the making and enamelling make each one unique.” - Miranda Sharpe