Blue Dragon Teapot by Jacob Chan


A decorative porcelain miniature round teapot with a glossy blue glaze and featuring a small sculpted dragon in place of the handle.

Dimensions: (W) 11 x (H) 9 cm

"During my time creating my work, the dragon has become a huge part of my practice. Sculpting this mythical creature feels like it has become second nature to me but each time I get the same joy and excitement upon completion. Each dragon I sculpt always develops its own personality and its own individual movement, the possibilites in which you can place, move and bend one into its final position are limitless  and I think that this is what keeps me making more.

The dragon in chinese culture  and throughout the history of the east has always symbolised good luck & fortune, strength, health and also the male element Yang with its latter, the phoenix being the female element Yin.

For me, the dragon symbolises power & strength. When creating one I try to portray this through their movement, whether they’re climbing around a ginger jar or sitting proudly alone. I tend to add 24ct gold leaf to specific aspects of the dragons such as their eyes, tendrils and claws to symbolise the element of good luck & fortune.

With it being ‘The Year of the Dragon’ it will be a very lucky year to be making these amazing beasts. To own one, expect good luck fortune and good health throughout the year." - Jacob Chan