Dragon's Breath Teapot by Jacob Chan


A blue teapot with a wide base and dragon's head spout and curved body handle.

Diameter: 11 cm

Length (handle to spout): 19 cm

Height: 11.5 cm

“My work is a combination of wheel thrown and figurative vessels that are heavily based around my cultural background and heritage. My ceramics are soda fired in a gas kiln which reaches a top temperature of 1300c this process allows me to achieve a range of deep colours and surface textures unachievable in an electric kiln.

This new collection of work displays a range of ceremonial teapots and a group of smaller vessels referred to as miniatures, all of the pieces are gilded with 24k gold leaf and inlayed with a blue sapphire which is colour specific to the Bluecoat Display Centre.” – Jacob Chan

Photographed with Fiery Blue and Blood Jade Teacups.