Espresso Cup by Silvia K Ceramics


This small terracotta espresso cup is perfect for using and features Silvia K's distinctive glaze decoration in light blue.

    Diameter: 6.5 cm

    Height: 5 cm

    Silvia’s collections are a contemporary interpretation of simple historical objects with a strong focus on function and colour. While the origins of her early work can be traced to her Slovakian heritage, ongoing research takes her enquiring eye to peasant ceramic ware from diverse sources.

    Pattern is minimal, using simple strokes, lines or bases of colour: the current palette  emerged from colour studies of embroidery used on Slovak folk costumes.

    Reflecting her commitment to authenticity, every aspect of production takes place in-house. Silvia’s drawings inform the models from which she makes her moulds; she also mixes casting slip, makes glazes and cuts leather straps.