Noir Coffee Tray by Hugh Miller


A striking wooden coffee tray dyed with calligraphy ink and featuring a brass detail. The tray is hand carved with Hugh’s signature hand-gouged texture.

Hugh's coffee trays are part of 'The Coffee Ceremony' collection, inspired by Japanese design principles and an homage to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Length: 66.5 cm

Width, at narrow end: 9.5 cm

Width, at wide end: 20.5 cm

Hugh Miller founded Hugh Miller Furniture after completing his Masters in Architecture. The influence of Hugh’s architectural education can still be seen throughout our studio’s output. We see furniture as small pieces of architecture, where the concept is embedded in the intricacy of the detail.

Hugh is heavily influenced by his time researching in Japan as a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow. This transformative experience led him to develop a set of design principles, inspired by Japanese applied arts philosophy, that now underpin his studio.

Photographed with Large Noir Coffee Caddie, Noir Coffee Scoop, Small Elm Coffee Caddie, Spalted Elm Coffee Scoop, and beakers by James Pegg.