Red Form by Peter Hayes


Ceramic form with a burnished red finish, on a slate base signed by the artist.

Dimensions: (W) 7.5 x (H) 23 x (D) 7.5 cm

"In 1972 I went to study ceramics in Lesotho, where I was privileged to work with the Basotho. They have a unique way of making burnished pots. Unlike the Zulu’s black burnished work, the Basotho pots are bright red; sometimes orange.Though the method and tools are very basic, the finished surfaces are wonderfully smooth to the touch. By using a polished pebble, usually gathered from the riverbank, the leather hard surface is rubbed and polished to compress the clay. By adding red slip to the surface, which has been very finely ground, a highly polished burnished surface is created...

I have developed this technique with only slight modifications as I burnish over textured surfaces and raise the temperature to approximately 1060 degrees. I have adapted a gas fired kiln where each piece of work is placed very close together, without touching, and a long slow flame is allowed to lick around the piece to give a very dark, red burnished appearance." - Peter Hayes

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