STAND by Chung Tyson


A beautiful display table made from (urban) oak by architect-makers Ming Chung and Nick Tyson.

Approximate dimensions:

Width at base: 32 cm  |  Diameter at top: 24 cm  |  Height: 100 cm

The oak used in STAND is sourced from the ‘urban forest’ released through routine arboriculture, garden tree maintenance or storm fall in Greater Manchester. This designated ‘green waste’ that includes prime native hardwoods, is redirected into new purpose and transformed into objects for everyday use.

In this way STAND becomes part of a forest ecosystem which provides a regenerative resource and as products with longevity in mind and become carbon stores, playing a part in the pathway to ecological and climate balance.

Chung Tyson use digital workflows to process the timber and review economies of production at all stages of the procurement, design and manufacturing process. This is combined with hand finishing and assembly, giving the finished pieces a bespoke human quality.

STAND is produced in a small production run as the wood is typically sourced from a single tree. Each element has a unique grain and hand selection from the raw timber plank.